About Us

What do we do?
We build tiny shelters. By tiny we mean buildings under 200 sq ft. These can be on trailers so that they are completely mobile or simply small enough to be delivered to a prepared site. They can be used for whatever you can imagine, from a home, to an office, to a yoga studio, to a boat house. 

Why do we do it?
Because we believe that size is not everything and that tiny is beautiful. We do it so that some people can have a space they have always dreamed of. We do it so that other people can have a place to live. We do it because the world needs options. The world needs simplicity and beauty and anything that is executed to the highest standard. We do it because sometimes less is more.

These days you can build anything massed produced - even tiny houses! We are taking a different path. Our tiny shelters are all unique, each one a product of close collaboration with the client. Sure sometimes we repeat something that has been particularly successful, but it is never a cookie-cutter repetition and the end result is always one of a kind. We build where we live, in an off grid workshop where our commute is a stroll past the solar panels, the bee hives and involves a quick game of fetch with the dogs. Could we scale it up - sure - but we prefer to work together, take a few sunny afternoons to go sailing, and be able to create really great tiny shelters.

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Jennifer Constable
Jennifer takes care of the website, the blog and wields a hammer, too. She has a background in many things, economics, marine biology and permaculture. She is fascinated with mushrooms (as food and for environmental remediation), sea turtles and systems with no waste. Having lived on a boat for years she loves small spaces, ingenious storage, and swimming in deep, deep water. 

James Constable
James has been a woodworker for all his adult life. Starting with carpentry in his teens, and after two very different apprenticeships he spent 15 years as a custom furniture builder in Bermuda, the UK and Canada. James has also done custom boat interiors and more recently built houses with a particular focus on active and passive solar design. For the most part if it is made of wood James can build it. His experience with tiny houses comes from years of living on boats in Bermuda. In his spare time he practices and teaches Aikido.