Simplicity is the most difficult thing to secure in this world; it is the last limit of experience and the last effort of genius. - George Sand

One thing I have noticed about simplifying ones life, is that simpler isnt necessarily easier. At this point in time, simple stands practically as opposition to the dominant culture. It turns out that when you reach towards simple, it is shockingly, more difficult, more expensive and more time consuming than I would have thought. Simple is so counter-culture that it is all but extinct. Thankfully, there is a growing number of alternative ways & means appearing on various horizons. But early days my friends, early days. There are no big box stores yet to be selling zero point energy appliances.

One of my goals within this tiny house, is to live more fully aligned with natural rhythms and the rich, self-generating, self-sustaining flow that I see all around me in Nature. The Gnostics called themselves telestai (from the Greek word telos, meaning, aim, goal, purpose). This is very helpful in life, to become one who is aimed. Contemplating what your highest priorities and deepest values are, means that, in this moment, everything can be seen clearly in the light of YOUR truth, YOUR values. Life builds upon Life with integrity, all stemming from a solid foundation of awareness; a kind of original, organic, blueprint. Everything can be felt within you, as either aiding you on your way or distracting you.

To this kind of self-discipline (or self-nurturing), you will encounter resistance - from without and from within. Many of the urges from your heart, soul and body will be seen (by others and yourself) as illogical, unreasonable, inefficient, ridiculous, irresponsible, dangerous, crazy. Here is where you need to weigh the desire against what you have identified as valuable. This is not necessarily quick or easy either. But the clarity is an investment in a long-term vision and an overriding set of values. Simple is not necessarily easy, cheap or quick. But simple is bio-mimetic, it IS the way of Nature, The Tao. I have much faith that if I can restore simple, consciously allowing, growing & creating that over convenience, the riches will flow out of the infrastructure, out of the presence itself.


This is not something to take up with religious, dogmatic fervor, it is merely clarifying your priorities & then being free to get on with having fun. Knowing what YOUR idea of fun really IS. This is not about judgement (beliefs) either. I am merely experimenting with this living thing, and enjoying all of the weird and wonderful experiences along the way. Its a full-time, astonishing, terrifying, beautiful job, simply being present in my own deeply mysterious & enigmatic life. What could I possible know about how anyone else should live!? As Emerson once noted, All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. I believe that wise soul also said, A great shelter is always willing to be tiny”…. or words to that effect. - Dawn Higgins

AuthorFull Moon