I’d like to start a conversation about what I was calling, “essential, subversive values... beauty, creativity, freedom and joy.” Let’s look at how these elements are intrinsic to our tiny shelters & how these values are being acknowledged, strengthened & advanced by & through tiny shelters. “Tiny” is simply one of the many “answers” emerging from some fundamental questions I hear a lot of people asking these days. Magical, liberating questions like;

“Why?” and “Why not?”

“How do I want the world to be affected by my living in it?”

“How do I want to be affected by living in the world?”

“What do I want to experience while I am here?”

“How do I want to grow myself?”

“How can I help?”

“Is this thought beneficial, to me, to you?”

“Why do we use good water to flush toilets?”

“What am I afraid of?” (make a list!)

“How would MY magical, unique space look, feel, smell?” “How would I be in it?”

“What is wealth? What is poverty?”

“What’s so funny?”

“What is authority?” “Is mine internal or external?”

“What tiny step could I take towards simplicity right now?”

“What am I pretending not to know?”

Make up some queries of your own. All questions are helpful; there are none too stupid, too obvious or too “already answered”. Ask them any time, any where. I’m not sure answers are all that necessary. The power is IN the questions themselves. In my experience, just seriously asking the questions & leaving lots of space around them, makes all kinds of interesting things happen.

- Dawn


AuthorFull Moon