I highly recommend defining, “beauty”, “creativity”, “freedom” & “joy”, FOR YOURSELF. Get a piece of paper & a crayon & be still somewhere. These are some of our most basic needs, as necessary for thriving as wholesome food, air & water. These are not things we should allow someone else to define for us, or to devalue.

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Lately, I am asking myself all kinds of questions around how to live. (And I know I am not alone.) I want a space of my own, but not a traditional house. (They seem, for many of us, to have become, expensive, inefficient spaces demanding maintenance, heating, filling & the burden of debt.) I would also like to be able to go further & faster through time & space than is possible on my bicycle but a traditional vehicle (again) seems to mean debt, maintenance & environmental carnage. If we are going to have political, medical, energy & educational systems, I think it would be great if they existed for the benefit of We-The-People, not just a few sociopathic multi-nationals. (radical, I know)

Everywhere I see the “broken-ness” of our traditional infrastructure - whether it be physical, or otherwise. What may have served us in the past, is simply not working now. The institutions we created to achieve various historic goals are no longer relevant in light of our evolving values & objectives. Most traditional institutions are now too large & rigid to be adaptive. Whether it’s government, Hollywood, religion or marriage, for many people, they feel unresponsive, uninspiring & limiting. We can’t look to them for the vision, wisdom or enthusiasm needed to create whatever it is we are dreaming of now. THAT is up to you & me....

- Dawn 

AuthorFull Moon