I see a myriad of innovative & exciting ways forward that are being tried & modeled by thousands of creative, courageous, adventurous souls, seeking solutions, expressing themselves, reaching for liberty & building a new Earth.

I believe “tiny” is one of the ways that we can bridge the gap between where we have been & what we now sense to be an opening of potential before us.


For me, “tiny” is a way of asking, “is bigger better?” Full Moon Tiny Shelters proposes that “tiny” can mean experiencing small space as a beautiful manifestation of detailed, ingenious creativity & conscious living. For me it is a way of experimenting with less-is-more, another way I am consciously liberating myself from the busy-ness of modern life, a busy-ness that is packed with the noise of stuff & chores. Tiny may also be a stepping stone that takes us across a wide river. In time, your tiny writing shelter in the back yard, could turn into your main living space. (Another good question.... “why not?”)

Fantastically enough, I have found mental, spiritual & creative space to expand in my life, in direct proportion to the shrinking of my physical space & to the number of objects I possess. There is a ridiculous abundance of time in a “simpler” life. I think if we ask some questions about wealth & peel away the layers of what we think we want, we can come to “time” as the real currency of existence. Time turns out to be the space that we find ourselves in, that we can Be ourselves in. Time is the space we share, play, experiment, do nothing, be no thing & birth great ideas in.

By consciously being our own, unique, individual selves, we naturally bring diversity & plenty into the world. By seeing that whatever we give our attention to we strengthen, we can choose what we will support & what we won’t. By redefining some terms for ourselves & asking all kinds of “silly” questions, we retrieve our personal power. We call it back from the various external authorities, systems, institutions, traditions, habits & addictions that we gave, fed & bled our powers to in the past. It seems we don’t need to fight our way out of this prison we’ve built but merely to stop maintaining the walls with our own thoughts, beliefs & energies. Unplugging from what no longer serves you & plugging into the values, people & places that do, will change you &, as a result, the world.

Beauty, creativity, freedom & joy - all of the things, people, places, ideas, & feelings that we love, hold the transformative powers we need. They ARE the tools of revolution & evolution. Begin to live the life, the values & the feelings that you desire. BE what you want to experience.... & it is done.

- Dawn 

AuthorFull Moon