We are waiting for the trailer to arrive for our next build. While we do this we thought we'd show you where we build our tiny shelters. James was lucky enough to get a helicopter ride and took some aerial photos. We are located just outside Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia on the far eastern edge of Canada. (We are 4442 kms from Vancouver BC, 4638km from London,England, 10,804km from Tokyo, and 960km from New York City). Our land is about 40 acres, mostly woodland, but with some wetlands and a cleared area where our house and workshop are located.


The house and workshop we built about 5 years ago and everything is run from the solar panels.  (we are completely off-grid) and the house is also designed for passive solar gain. Most of the wood for the building came from local woods, horse-logged and built by us. Surrounding the house are gardens, a pond we dug a few years ago, and food forests filled with nuts, berries and fruit trees.


For now our tiny shelters are built outside, but I think we will be building a larger space to keep the snow off as soon as we are able.

So this is where we live and work, and walk in the woods.

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