It is nearing the end of 2014 and things are falling into place for a great 2015 for Full Moon Tiny Shelters.

We have bought a big old rumbling 3/4 ton truck so we can tow our tiny houses and not have to annoy our friends with requests to tow them all over!

Birdhouse has sold, and after a few modifications (adding a folding bunk) will be heading to her new home in the USA. We will be delivering in the spring, and this will give us the excuse for a road trip and to figure out the whole border crossing thing.


We have recived the trailer for the next custom build, and it's a real beauty! This one is 24ft, was custom made to our specifications and is galvanized. ( We get excited about these kinds of details!) This build will be a full live-in with all the systems and will have a completely different look than anything we have done before. Among other things our clients are super keen for all the wood to come from Nova Scotia, and be from sustainable woodlot operators - how cool is that? We will be starting this build at the beginning of January, as the first batch of wood is in the kiln drying over Christmas, so check back as we will be posting regular updates.

 new 24 ft trailer

new 24 ft trailer

We have also ordered a new trailer for another spec. build - this will different from Birdhouse, a little smaller with a completely new design. We are finalizing the design and will post as we get going on this, too.

All in all this has been a wonderful first year, and 2015 looks to be shaping up into an even better one. Thanks to everyone for their support and enthusiasm and we look forward to sharing more great tiny shelters with you!

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