Harmony House's solar system has been installed!


Harmony House will be completely off-grid and powered by two 250 watt solar panels that feed 4 6volt batteries. The electrical systems inside are a combination of standard 110v outlets and a 12v system for the lighting, refrigeration, and water pumping.


Water heating and cooking will be done with propane. The solar system was designed and installed by Kuno Kuenzle of Green Lizard Energy Solutions. Besides doing a remarkable job designing the system to meet our specific needs Kuno also managed to fit 4 batteries, and inverter, a charge controller and misc. fuses, switches, breakers and cables into the tiny space we left him. ( And sometimes had to fit himself in there, too).


Green Lizard does some of the neatest and well thought out system designs and installations you can imagine, it is a true pleasure to work with a company that does such outstanding work. Thank you Kuno!


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AuthorFull Moon
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