Lots has gone on in the last week - one of the joys of building small is the speed with which things happen!

 cutting insulation

cutting insulation

The windows are in, the door installed. Electrical wiring is roughed in and the insulation is stuffed in all the nooks and crannies. The vapor barrier is up and the crazy Frankenstein tape job is to seal the seams around all the edges.

The electrical system in the one is a hybrid of solar and standard 100 plug in. A small PV panel will charge a battery bank that will run the lights, fans and outlets, including and inverter that will provide 100 power for a computer or phone charger. There will be extra 100 plugs that will be able to be used when Bird House has access to the grid. All this has been installed by Kuno at Green Lizard Energy Solutions.

The insulation is Roxul mineral wool, R14 in the walls and R22 in the ceiling. This will help keep the place cool in the summer and cozy when the temperatures drop.

 here you can see the door and the crazy taping that goes on!

here you can see the door and the crazy taping that goes on!

Things are happening quickly, and with more sunshine on the way we will be posting lots of new pictures!

Next Post; Propane Heater and Interior Walls

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