Wow! What a crazy couple of weeks. We have taken Bird House on the road ( and it tows like a dream). First to the Growing Green Festival in Bridgewater, then the Lunenburg Farmers' Market and on the the Hubbards Market last Saturday. If the weather cooperates we will be back in Lunenburg and Hubbards over the next couple of weeks. So if you didn't get a chance to meet us, or know someone who should take a look we will post the exact dates as soon as we know them.

The great thing about these market days is that we meet so many great people, lots of people who are already very keen on tiny houses, and others who get excited about them for the first time right there! Only downside is we forgot to take any pictures because we are so busy - oops.

 arriving at Hubbards Market

arriving at Hubbards Market

Why are we doing this? Well we are a new business and we are very proud and excited about what we are building and want to share that. Plus we are waiting for the next trailer to arrive to start another build, so we thought it was a good time to take it on the road. Speaking of which, we have been so lucky to know really nice guys called Jason who have trucks and have helped us by towing Bird House all over the South Shore. So many thanks to Jason Martell and Jason Voth!

If you are thinking about a tiny shelter for next year please talk to us soon, as we are starting to book builds for over the winter, and if the weather is anything like last year...

While we are in this marketing phase we have been working with Stephen Bishop of HelloDaylight in Lunenburg who has designed a logo, redesigned our brochure and is hard at work revamping the website. We will have lots more pictures and even some videos. It has been a real pleasure working with Stephen; he makes this potentially challenging process a treat.

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