Well, the temperature has dropped to -10 so we thought it would be a good time to get going on the new build, Refuge House.

This one will be on a custom 24ft galvanized trailer, will be a full live-in, 4 season, and will even have some really cool secret hiding spaces built in. (Of course we can't talk about those!)

One of the cool things about this shelter is that all the lumber going into it for framing, interior, and exterior finishes will come from local Nova Scotia forests. Our sheet goods ( plywood) will still be off the rack, but having everything else cut and milled locally is really exciting.

 First load of Hemlock for framing.

First load of Hemlock for framing.

Since we are just starting here are a couple of pictures of the super little model that Norbert Windt did for us. There may be a couple of small window and door changes, but it gives you the idea.

As you can see the roof is going to curved, a first for us, so that should prove and exciting challenge.


Above is an exterior view, below a shot with the roof and side wall removed to expose the interior.


The plastic toad was sitting in the workshop, and well, it seemed funny at the time.


We have started on the foundation and insulation in the trailer and will post about that next week.

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