The forecast for today is 100mm of rain and the plumbers are working in T-Berry House, so it must be time for an update.
Most of the siding is on and it looks great! Twizzleberry siding with trim in Orb Sparkle. (Who gets to think up paint colour names? What a great job!)


Last weekend was a painting marathon and we got all the wall and ceiling boards painted and ready to install. (Thanks Kay and Jennifer)


We have the ceiling insulated, got the vapor barrier up and are putting up the ceiling now. We will soon head to the walls now that the electrical and plumbing rough in work is complete. Thanks to ASAP Electric and Dalton Jodrey for being so great to work with.


As soon as it stops raining we will finish the exterior trim around the dormers. In the next week we will get the interior walls insulated and finished and then it is on to the interior trim and cabinetry - this is where it gets really fun!



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