We have had a snowy winter, so we had prepared the wall sections and curved roof trusses in the shop (that was in the last blog post), and were waiting for a 3-4 day stretch of good weather to get things up. The skies cleared on Wednesday, and we got our friend Hans Dee to come help - the four of us set to work. It was very cold, but we did it!

Most of the wall sections had been prepared already, and these went up quite quickly, with a few bits (over the wheel wells) needing to be built and fitted as we went.


Next we got the roof trusses up, and the weather reports started talking about a major snow storm on the way.


We debated covering everything with tarps, but at the end of the day decided we would be a lot happier if we could get plywood up. It was a long, cold couple of days but by 6pm on Saturday we had plywood on the walls and the curved roof and had the roof covered with Nova Seal.


We could not have pulled this off without all of us working longs hours, and a big thanks to Hans who was a crucial element! It was totally worth it as we got a lot of snow on Sunday, maybe as much as two feet. The curved roof shed snow beautifully, the low angle roof on the shop we had to shovel off after the storm.

Next step will be to cut out the doors and windows and finish up some interior framing details.

Here's a completely gratuitous picture of one of the dogs (this is Freida) on the path between the house and the wood shop.

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