As I sit to write this morning (Feb 22), the window is speckled with rain. This is quite a sight after such a long spell of deep cold. I had almost forgotten that water "out there" could BE liquid.

This siege of a Winter has thoroughly tested my tiny house and, with only minor tweaking, my little sanctuary remains beautiful, cozy and functional. I've learned about digital thermometers, heating with this wood stove, the second law of thermodynamics, air currents, storage of root vegetables and the joys of clearing the snow off your solar panels and watching the voltage gauge climb. I have also learned how important it is to access the compost bin and the wood pile. And there has also been the heavy silence of the world shrouded in white, the brilliance of Venus sitting beside a sliver of moon and all of the ever-changing colors, textures and patterns of the river ice.


Somehow tiny living has made this Winter kind of magical, This "not so normal" living, calls for a connection to things I wasn't paying much attention to before. Things I never thought twice about in a "normal" house, I have to keep an eye on here. It may not seem that connecting with batteries, the water tank or a composting toilet is the key to contentment, but somehow it IS. I see little "miracles" everywhere because I am looking. They are inside my tiny house and outside it too. Like the young woman at the gas station who fills my propane tank without hesitation, even though she has to bundle up, climb over a mountain of snow & break the ice off the lock to do it. Paying attention to the simplest of things has changed the rhythm of my days and created time out of thin air. Attention opened some secret, invisible valve and now lovely things pour out of daily life.

Yesterday in my log book I noted the Sun is hitting the solar panels before 9:00 and (while out shoveling), I felt warmth in the sunlight on my back. This means Spring is not so far away, and this Spring, I'd like to move my tiny house to a permanent location.

So here is my plea for HELP!

I am seeking some land to buy (I don't need much) somewhere in the triangle of Blockhouse. Mahone Bay, Lunenburg. I am looking for elevation and a clearing as my solar panels need lots of Sun. If you have, or know of, a location for me and my tiny house, please give me a call or drop me an email. (You will find me on the other end of Full Moon contact info.)

I hope this find you thriving. - dawn

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