So, the crazy winter storms keep rolling through, and we keep shoveling and building. We have moved on to the next steps, and the house is really starting to take shape.

Windows and doors were cut out, and covered with temporary plastic ones.


The spruce beams are installed, these will support the loft and they look beautiful in the space.


The exterior has been wrapped in Typar and strapping applied. We have finished all the interior and ceiling insulation, and the windows and doors have been delivered.


All the finish woods are being milled up this week so we will soon be putting up siding and making the inside look amazing with some beautiful clear (no knots) local spruce that was cut last year and is drying in the kiln as we speak. The outside siding is going to be a surprise and will be the subject of its very own blog post - so stay tuned.

Hopefully the worst of the snow is over, and it does feel like there is a hint of spring in the air (even with all the snow on the ground)!

AuthorFull Moon
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