In our last blog post we showed off our shou sugi ban skills (such as they are!) and we are still working on the video. We now have all the exterior siding and trim torched, scrubbed, rinsed, and stacked. Once a bit more snow melts we can get started on the exterior.


In the mean time we have been working inside putting up the most beautiful clear Spruce ceiling and walls. It will take a couple of more days and the walls will be done. 


We would like to really thank Amos Wood who have done a spectacular job of sourcing and milling all the wood for this project. All the wood including the cedar exterior siding, the spruce walls and ceiling, the ash flooring, and the hemlock used for framing come from Nova Scotia. It is wonderful to use local wood from local woodlots milled by a small local business who really knows what it's doing! The next thing to arrive will be the ash flooring, which comes from just 10kms up the road.

We will be moving outdoors in a few days to start the exterior, and it seems spring may finally have arrived in these parts which is certainly welcome after such a long snowy winter.

AuthorFull Moon