The exterior siding is done, and it looks fantastic. It has two coats of hemp oil, and the colour is deep, and changes with the light. The interior lofts are coming along ( all local ash) and the interior window trim is being made. 

The roof should go on this weekend, if the weather co-operates.

The next build: the trailer is being manufactures and galvanized and should be delivered in 10 days or so. This one is different again, a full time live-in and spacious 28 feet long. We are really excited to see this one take shape!

Don't forget our Open House on June 6th. Details in my last post - but we will remind you again, don't worry!

Here are some pictures of the exterior all done...


Well, not all done, the small door on the back of the house is being built, of local oak, and should be ready for installation in the next week or so. It is going to be a dutch door, so cute!


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