Here are some final shots of the interior of Refuge House. It was always the plan to send it off as an open space, and we are finally there. It is possible she will return to us for some interior work over next winter, but equally possible that she will stay as she is, or that her owners will slowly add to the interior over time.


Either way when she left the driveway we felt very proud.

If you have been following the blog you will know that all the woods used, even the construction lumber was locally milled and Nova Scotian grown. To top this off we installed a beautiful Dutch door made of local white oak and built by Tony Chaplik of the Lunenburg Furniture Company.


This has been a wonderful project and it has been a joy to work with such beautiful wood. We hope Refuge House brings years of peace and happiness to her owners.

After taking a few days to relax (and split wood for next winter) we will be switch gears and start work on the trailer that has arrived for our next build. More on this coming soon!

Also thanks to all the people (hundreds, really!) who came out last Sunday for our open house. It was such fun meeting lots of tiny shelter enthusiasts, the movement is definitely catching on here, and it was great for people to be able to see three tiny houses in the same place!

Here's a picture before we started for the day, we were so busy we forgot to take pictures during the event itself! (oops)


More soon as the next build begins -

James, Dawn and Jennifer

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