After taking a moment to catch our breath we have started the next tiny house adventure, and this one has lots of firsts. It is the largest we have constructed to date and will be called Twizzleberry House. (Henceforth known as T-Berry for ease of typing).

T-Berry will live on a galvanized 28ft trailer made by Linkletter Welding in PEI (as all our trailers are) and it will be built out to a maximum outside width of 9'2". This is a little over the allowable legal road limit, which means getting a wide load permit to move it. These are easily obtainable, and since this one has a permanent home to go to it will not be an issue. The extra inches gained are worth the extra paperwork. 9"2" may seem random, but really it is a delicate balance between interior width, headroom and a number of other design factors. T-Berry will be built for four season use, and also be our first build with a staircase. we are looking forward to all the things we are going to learn!

Here are a couple of shots of the working model - we just love our models, with the removable walls and all the details. Window, door and skylight positions have evolved a bit since this, but for the most part this is what T-Berry will look like.


So far we have received the trailer and installed the sub-floor and the insulation that sits within the trailer frame. The next step is the actual floor system, which contains more insulation, and then the wall. As always, we will keep you posted!


Oh yes, another first is the T-Berry will have something called 'the gem' a plexiglass, rose tinted multi-sided (multidimensional even) headboard/shower wall unlike anything we have ever seen. Words don't do it justice, and although it will be a while before we have an actual photo we just thought we'd get you anticipating - it's going to be amazing!

Stay tuned....

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