Like all blogs it seems first I will say we've been so busy we forgot to blog... but really, we have been busy! Here are some progress photos of T-Berry House.

At 28ft long and 110" wide it is our biggest build to date. It is also the first with dormers, which give it a distinctive look and lots of headroom in the two lofts. Another first was bringing in some friends to help speed up the framing process. Thanks to Jeffery, John and Scott from GE Langille Builders for all the fine work and constant laughter. Nothing better than working with talented people who enjoy their work!

Windows and doors arrive this week, siding soon afterwards. On the inside we are getting laid out for plumbing and electrical rough in - it's exciting to see everything taking shape.


On another note - we are excited to say we have received orders for two more tiny shelters. We are in the early design stage now, and will keep you posted as ideas unfold. It looks like it will be a busy fall and winter!

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