Once again we are trying to catch up with the blog, there is so much happening.

Windows and doors are in and most of the trim (corner boards, skirt boards etc are on and painted)


Next step, starting tomorrow, is the siding and as a preview here's a shot to show you the colour!


On the inside all the electrical work is complete and a set of mock-up stairs have been built. Now that we know the design works we can build a pretty version! Stairs in tiny houses are tricky, and nearly always a bit unorthodox, but these have turned out well and not only provide a way up to the loft but also create lots of extra storage in the form of drawers that can be accessed from the kitchen side and a closet space under the highest part.


While we have good weather we will try to get the siding up, and as we have the layout all worked out it should go up quickly. Then we will move inside.


AuthorFull Moon