We are taking a couple of weeks to help some friends work on their small (but not tiny) house before winter sets in. This is the first time in years that we are doing something other than building tiny houses - and as with any break from routine it gives us time to reflect on life.

So why do we build tiny houses? Well, for us it's about design and craftsmanship. Our work is custom and we strive to create beautiful, interesting, and inspiring spaces. Beauty, intent and craftsmanship affect people - they walk in and it feels good, they touch a detail, they want to linger. This is missing in so much of our busy, mass produced, and always about the bottom line lives. We are not going to save the world building tiny houses (we wish we could), but we can create a space that for someone is a sanctuary - and that's a step in the right direction.

On top of all that philosophical stuff we get to spend the day working together - which means we spend the day laughing.


We are looking forward to getting back to Tiny Tiger and starting to work on the interior, we'll keep you posted!