Sorry it's been a while - we had some miserable weather, then we had some nice weather and had to work really long days... things are settling in now, it looks like spring is really here. James has traded his woolen hat for a sun hat (a sure sign!) and we are getting a lot done on the two builds. It's the glass half full post because there are so many things nearly finished, we have a week of beautiful weather coming up so many of these will get done by May 1st.

Space is nearly all shingled, the ceiling is up inside and this is shaping up to be a very stylish mobile room, office, studio!


LGV's roof is on, thanks to James and Jeffrey Langille putting in a long day on Sunday. The siding is 90% finished and the colour scheme of shades of grey looks really great!


On the inside we have finished the plumbing and electrical rough in as well as the insulation and vapor barrier. The wood for the walls and ceiling is being delivered today and we will start installing it soon. This is such a great stage as things start to come together quickly. The pictures that follow show some things roughed in, to show the clients so they can make their interior design decisions. This is going to be a really super weekend getaway space.


Better get back to work....

Don't forget our Open House June 4th and 5th, we look forward to seeing lots of people. If you haven't joined our mailing list you can do that now and we'll be sending out more information and directions, too.

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