We have been very busy, and at this stage of the build things really take giant steps.

The insulation is done - for this we fill the wall cavities with fiberglass insulation and then add a layer of rigid foam insulation that tightens up the gaps and adds a thermal break.

Over Christmas we prepped all the wall wood - this involves getting the workshop nice and warm with a big fire in the wood stove, sanding everything, then painting (ceiling) or applying a clear finish (walls). We try to get two coats on before installation and then do the final coat in place.

James doesn't like working in lofts so we put the ceiling boards in first, then built the loft and the bathroom wall, followed by installation of wall boards. We are about 90% done now.

Kuno (our solar guru) has been in to install some of the wiring for the PV system. Below is a picture of the custom made electronics centre that will house both ac and dc breaker panels, the charge controller, the inverter, and all the fusing. All of this, plus the battery bank will be contained in custom cabinetry. Kuno is amazing - how he can create such an efficient 'mechanical room' in such a small space always wows us.

Our next step is finishing the walls, then we will start on trim around the door and windows. We are waiting for the flooring to arrive, and then that will be installed.

The dogs like to hang out in the tiny house and keep an eye on things - here's Loki doing a quality control inspection.

AuthorFull Moon