We build our tiny shelters in three phases. At the end of phase 1 it looks finished from the outside but the inside is empty. At the end of phase 2 the walls. ceiling, and floors are in, with all the insulation, in-wall electrical, and the plumbing roughed in. Then phase 3 - the cabinetry, trim and details all the way to finished. Today we wrapped up phase 2 for Tiny Tiger with the last of the plumbing work done.

Here are the two water tanks - the freshwater one installed next to the panel that will hold all the components for the solar system with batteries below. The grey water tank installed next to the Precision Temp on demand hot water heater in the bathroom.


Everything looks so tidy and neat - and most of their work will be hidden by the cabinetry so we just wanted to let people see what a great job Kuno from Green Lizard does with the electric and photovoltaics, and Mark, Wade and Robert from Dalton Jodrey Plumbing for all their plumbing work. We say it every time but it really is great to work with people who are great at their jobs and are always ready to help us, listen to our crazy ideas, improve on them, and then make them a reality.

Next week we will start on the cabinetry, trim and finishing details. How about that cork flooring, it feels great underfoot.

AuthorFull Moon