We've never done this before so we have no idea what to expect. The organizers of The Guy Show at the Halifax Exhibition Center invited us and we thought - well why not?

'Space' will be there to see - and is for sale so you can have it delivered next week if you'd like. There will be lots of information as well as pictures, plans, and lots of tiny house talk. To date we have built live in shelters, yoga studios, weekend retreats, hunting cabins, home offices, and even a sauna - so come by and chat about what project we can build for you.

There will also be lots of other exhibits - from distilleries and craft beer, food, a skydiving company, and many others. It's for everyone - don't be put off by the name...

Their website - to see what is happening is here

November 10, 2017 - 12:00 pm (noon) - 9:00 pm
November 11, 2017 - 12:00 pm (noon) - 9:00 pm (2 for 1 admission after 6:00 pm) 
November 12, 2017 - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Directions are on the website - and also a list of exhibitors etc etc


Look forward to seeing you this weekend in Halifax!

Space has been sitting patiently waiting for spring and with the warmer weather and sunshine now is the time to snap her up and take her home.

Go take a look at - she's at Safeguard Chimney Sweep and Stoves, 12171 Hwy3, Spectacle Lakes. This is just outside Lunenburg on the way to Bridagewater. The good people at Safeguard have installed all the stoves for our tiny houses and have been kind enough to let us park Space by their shop. While you are there you should absolutely go in and buy a wood stove or a barbeque - or both! The best plan would be to set yourself up for summer by buying Space and a barbeque.

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Yes, we are really having an Open House...

Come on by anytime between 10am and 4pm on Saturday June 4th or Sunday June 5th. We will be here, with three tiny houses to see, and ready to talk tiny houses, systems, trailers, designs and any other tiny house questions or ideas.

Logistics -

There is no sign, just the blue number...

address 1749 Northwest Rd Blockhouse NS - if you're coming from the 103 you go towards Lunenburg and we are on the right about a kilometer from the Blockhouse 4 way stop. We are right across from Mason's Plumbing. Second right after Lohnes' Small Engine Repair. If you get to Fauxburg Rd you've gone too far!

Coming from Lunenburg direction you will pass Fauxburg Rd and crest the hill and we are the driveway on the left just after the mailbox with flames on it ( I wish I could say this was ours, but it's the neighbours'!) Just opposite our driveway is Mason's Plumbing with a big sign...


Once on the driveway bear to the left at the top - we are NOT in the white farmhouse at the top of the hill, keep going to the end of the road.

Parking is going to be an issue, if you park at the top of the hill and walk down it might be easier, depends how many people show up.

Please do not bring your dogs!  No matter how nice and well behaved your dog is please don't make an exception for it. Thanks.

We look forward to seeing you all at some point over the weekend.....


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LGV - for starters the trailer is number 007 so it's definitely going to be a cool spot!


First layer down in puck board - this is our totally bug/ draft rot resistant layer. from there we go up with layers of insulation and then a plywood sub-floor. The next step is walls (materials warming in shop). Also a couple of photos of the design so you can see where we are going.


Space is also coming along - the doors and windows are in and we will be shingling soon. This one will have a living roof - installing that is going to be a learning experience and a great new option!


In other news - we will be a having an Open House later in the spring - we have had a lot of requests and will be doing it over a weekend so there will be plenty of time for as many people as wish to see these in person and talk tiny houses. We will let you know when we pick a weekend!

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Happy 2016 everyone - we are already hard at work at two new builds this snowy January!


Winter builds in Nova Scotia are always a bit chilly and some days it feels like most of what we are doing is shoveling - but it is beautiful!

This year we are starting another 28 foot build - La Grand Vie - which will be know as LGV for ease. This will be a summer retreat for a family and we are excited to show you the progress. We are building the sub-floor at the moment and will post pictures as we get going.

We are also building another small one "Space" - this will be a show model and will be for sale in the spring. We are incorporating some exciting new ideas - which we will reveal as we go. This is a perfect yoga space, home office or writing retreat.

Here are a few pictures of the framing in of Space...


It looks like we will have an opening for a build starting in May - so if you have a solid idea of what you want and are ready to commit we would love to hear from you. One of the things we are seeing is that the design process can really take a long time. Sometimes people just need more time to explore all the possibilities, and we don't want to rush this.

Leaving you with a couple of winter pictures - one of the trailer for LGV, and one just totally unrelated - but wow sometimes the snowy landscape is just amazing!


Hope you all had a happy holiday season and we look forward to showing you more exciting, fun and beautiful tiny houses this year!

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