Wow - what a wonderful time we had at the Saltbox Brewery. Hundreds of people came through the tiny houses. So many people who love tiny spaces, have wild and creative ideas for their dream houses, and to meet so many lovely enthusiasts was a pleasure.

Of course it was so busy we didn't have time to take a lot of pictures - but here are a few in case you didn't make it.

A huge thank you to everyone at the Saltbox Brewery for having us there for the weekend! 

Due to a scheduling issue we still have a spot open for a winter build - so if you'd like a tiny shelter for next summer - on the lake, by the sea. or anywhere else - then drop us an email as soon as possible!


Also stay tuned for a video tour of Air Force 1 - we are working on it!

We're having an Open House weekend - Friday December 1 - Sunday December 3 - but cleverly are adding beer to the mix! So we will be at The Saltbox Brewery in Mahone Bay, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday - from noon-6 (maybe a bit earlier on Saturday).

Stop by and see our latest build, Air Force 1, before it heads to its new home. We will also have Space there - and what a wonderful Christmas present this would make! We can deliver it to you after Monday and it makes a perfect place for guests, for writing, for contemplation - a dad cave, a mom shed.... or a pop up shop.

Stop by and have a beer and say hi - the Christmas festival will be in full swing in Mahone Bay so there is lots to do for everyone and there's even a little shuttle train that goes around town and stops right at the Saltbox!


IMG_2861 2.jpg

First - thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat at The Guy Show - over 15,000 of you! It was a fun weekend, and we certainly met lots of new tiny house enthusiasts.

Air Force 1 is getting near to completion and here's a fun challenge...

Our client wants a table and chairs for occasional use - so we came up with this couch with a hideaway place for chairs in the ends. When they want to use them they open the hinged end doors, then get the legs from the centre drawer - and voila chairs! The table comes apart, too - so it is all hidden away until they need it. Plus the whole couch is on casters so it can be moved around as needed.

Custom cushions are being made - and it was such fun to find a way to make everything fit! We love design challenges.




Let's face it - summer is busy. We are building, sailing, growing vegetables, swimming, and trying to get as much sun as possible during the short summer months. The blogs seems to slide down the priority list - but now fall is here and we are busy watching the leaves fall, the squirrels are busy, the dog got sprayed by a skunk, and it's time to catch up.

Air Force 1 is coming together. The exterior is complete, all the wiring and plumbing is roughed in, the walls and ceilings are insulated and the pine boards installed.


The floor went down. and the interior cabinetry is taking shape. There are walnut counter tops under construction, and there is a guest bed that will slide under the raised floor. A cool movable couch that will contain dining room chairs is in the planning stage ( 3am inspiration is coming!).


The cat likes to hide under the trailer and then leap out at the unsuspecting.


We had our winter build lined up, and then the client had toback out - so hopefully one of the others will step in. But if you have a design ready to go we have a rare opening in our schedule and you should call James right now on 902 277 0862.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all our friends, clients, and anyone who follows our adventures.


AuthorFull Moon

Phase One is complete - this means the roof is on, the windows are in, the door is installed, and the exterior trim and siding is complete. Now we move inside - where the electrical wiring has been roughed in, and the plumbers are roughing in the pipes and tanks. Then we will start insulating and getting the walls and ceiling prepped for installation. The exterior looks great - the colour combination of the blue and white is very crisp looking.

AuthorFull Moon

We are cruising along with great sunny weather and long summer days.

The structure is up, the roof is on, the windows and door are in, and we have the corner boards on. Siding will be going on next, and then we move inside.

Inside the raised floor skeleton is built - and now the windows seem in just the right place. The raised floor will have water tanks under neath at one end and have storage and a guest bed hidden under the other end. This stage doesn't photograph that well - but you'll be able to see what we have done.

Once inside we'll get the electrical and plumbing rough ins, the insulation in the the walls and ceiling in... lots to do and there will be more pictures soon.

Sorry I couldn't resist the pun.. I wont keep doing that, I promise!

Beautiful weather for building a tiny hose and we are off to a great start on the new build.

The walls are flying up (oops, sorry another air force pun) and we will start sheathing soon.

If you are thinking "gosh I'd love a tiny hose for next summer" now is the time to talk to us as we fill the over the winter build slot. Don't let another summer go by without your very own tiny shelter - give us a call or email and we can start designing your dream.


As we wait impatiently for spring (we got more snow last night and that's not funny!), and work on the little details of Tiny Tiger's interior we thought it would be a good time to introduce our next build. This one will be on a 24ft goose neck trailer. (Yes, one of James' wish list items!)

The design work is about 90% done, undoubtedly some details will change, and the colours are not set in stone, but it is close.

The raised sleeping area means no loft, and we have raised the floor in the kitchen and bath end to provide access to utilities from outside and create under floor storage and a guest bed. This is a fantastic use of space, not shown is the amazingly clever table that will drop down from the ceiling when needed. (James is working on this!) The building will begin towards the end of May, so there is plenty of time to work out the details.


Thanks to Kay Ennis for her great sketch-up work, and to Wayne and Stefanie from Linkletter's Welding Ltd who undertook the design of the goose neck especially for this build.

As for the name - the client is in the Air Force, so obviously we started to use this as our working name, then much to our delight she, too, had been thinking of this as a name - well it was obviously meant to be!