Wow - what a wonderful time we had at the Saltbox Brewery. Hundreds of people came through the tiny houses. So many people who love tiny spaces, have wild and creative ideas for their dream houses, and to meet so many lovely enthusiasts was a pleasure.

Of course it was so busy we didn't have time to take a lot of pictures - but here are a few in case you didn't make it.

A huge thank you to everyone at the Saltbox Brewery for having us there for the weekend! 

Due to a scheduling issue we still have a spot open for a winter build - so if you'd like a tiny shelter for next summer - on the lake, by the sea. or anywhere else - then drop us an email as soon as possible!


Also stay tuned for a video tour of Air Force 1 - we are working on it!

We're having an Open House weekend - Friday December 1 - Sunday December 3 - but cleverly are adding beer to the mix! So we will be at The Saltbox Brewery in Mahone Bay, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday - from noon-6 (maybe a bit earlier on Saturday).

Stop by and see our latest build, Air Force 1, before it heads to its new home. We will also have Space there - and what a wonderful Christmas present this would make! We can deliver it to you after Monday and it makes a perfect place for guests, for writing, for contemplation - a dad cave, a mom shed.... or a pop up shop.

Stop by and have a beer and say hi - the Christmas festival will be in full swing in Mahone Bay so there is lots to do for everyone and there's even a little shuttle train that goes around town and stops right at the Saltbox!


IMG_2861 2.jpg

First thanks to all the people who came to the open house weekend - over 400 of you! We loved meeting you, talking toilets, designs, lofts, food trucks, communities, kids, trailers, pets, retirement, and more toilets. Tiny house enthusiasts are amazing and the tiny house movement is gaining momentum all the time!


We are on the home stretch with LGV and it's wonderful to see the space transform as the cabinets are installed and the stairs go in. The last touches are scheduled ( the electricians, the plumbers, the last coat of paint) and then it will be delivered!


We have ordered the trailer for the next build and will keep you posted on that - it's called Tiny Tiger Retreat!


Yes, we are really having an Open House...

Come on by anytime between 10am and 4pm on Saturday June 4th or Sunday June 5th. We will be here, with three tiny houses to see, and ready to talk tiny houses, systems, trailers, designs and any other tiny house questions or ideas.

Logistics -

There is no sign, just the blue number...

address 1749 Northwest Rd Blockhouse NS - if you're coming from the 103 you go towards Lunenburg and we are on the right about a kilometer from the Blockhouse 4 way stop. We are right across from Mason's Plumbing. Second right after Lohnes' Small Engine Repair. If you get to Fauxburg Rd you've gone too far!

Coming from Lunenburg direction you will pass Fauxburg Rd and crest the hill and we are the driveway on the left just after the mailbox with flames on it ( I wish I could say this was ours, but it's the neighbours'!) Just opposite our driveway is Mason's Plumbing with a big sign...


Once on the driveway bear to the left at the top - we are NOT in the white farmhouse at the top of the hill, keep going to the end of the road.

Parking is going to be an issue, if you park at the top of the hill and walk down it might be easier, depends how many people show up.

Please do not bring your dogs!  No matter how nice and well behaved your dog is please don't make an exception for it. Thanks.

We look forward to seeing you all at some point over the weekend.....


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Sorry it's been a while - we had some miserable weather, then we had some nice weather and had to work really long days... things are settling in now, it looks like spring is really here. James has traded his woolen hat for a sun hat (a sure sign!) and we are getting a lot done on the two builds. It's the glass half full post because there are so many things nearly finished, we have a week of beautiful weather coming up so many of these will get done by May 1st.

Space is nearly all shingled, the ceiling is up inside and this is shaping up to be a very stylish mobile room, office, studio!


LGV's roof is on, thanks to James and Jeffrey Langille putting in a long day on Sunday. The siding is 90% finished and the colour scheme of shades of grey looks really great!


On the inside we have finished the plumbing and electrical rough in as well as the insulation and vapor barrier. The wood for the walls and ceiling is being delivered today and we will start installing it soon. This is such a great stage as things start to come together quickly. The pictures that follow show some things roughed in, to show the clients so they can make their interior design decisions. This is going to be a really super weekend getaway space.


Better get back to work....

Don't forget our Open House June 4th and 5th, we look forward to seeing lots of people. If you haven't joined our mailing list you can do that now and we'll be sending out more information and directions, too.

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LGV - for starters the trailer is number 007 so it's definitely going to be a cool spot!


First layer down in puck board - this is our totally bug/ draft rot resistant layer. from there we go up with layers of insulation and then a plywood sub-floor. The next step is walls (materials warming in shop). Also a couple of photos of the design so you can see where we are going.


Space is also coming along - the doors and windows are in and we will be shingling soon. This one will have a living roof - installing that is going to be a learning experience and a great new option!


In other news - we will be a having an Open House later in the spring - we have had a lot of requests and will be doing it over a weekend so there will be plenty of time for as many people as wish to see these in person and talk tiny houses. We will let you know when we pick a weekend!

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Due to rain in the forecast for Saturday we will be holding the Open House on Sunday June 7th (NOT on Saturday) -  the time remains the same 10am - 4pm. The place remains the same - Amos Wood at 944 Highway 325 in Blockhouse.


We look forward to seeing you on SUNDAY, JUNE 7th


come look inside and see how lovely a small space can be

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We are finally having spring and summer all rolled into one, with temperatures as high as 20 today, and still a bit of snow melting in the woods. The koi have come out of hibernation in the pond and the first daffodils are about to flower. I think we can safely say winter is over, and also say that it was one long, cold, snowy one!

The siding is going up, and it looks amazing. 


The interior is a fantastic contrast with light wood everywhere.


In other news - save the date Saturday June 6th, from 10am - 4pm, we will be having an open house, at Amos Wood (944 Hwy 325, Blockhouse NS). There will be three of our tiny houses there, and we will be happy to show you around, answer your questions and talk tiny houses. 

We are close to booked up for this year, and if you are interested in a tiny house for delivery in the spring of 2016 now is the time to start talking to us!

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