As we work away in the warmth of the wood shop we have lots to show for it: a mountain of walnut shelving and display units for a pottery gallery, a teak pulpit, and an inlaid table for a boat. All being shipped to Bermuda - and we wish we were delivering it in person!

Coming up in the next few weeks are two children's chairs, a cherry coffee table, and a maple bed. Don't worry we are not getting out of the tiny house groove - we are busy designing a line of smaller units - perfect for offices, bunk houses or smaller multi-use work spaces. There will also be a cool mobile sauna - all to be unveiled in time for spring orders!


Sometimes when we are between builds or not wanting to work outside - we take on a few woodworking projects so we can hide in the shop with the wood stove roaring and the sawdust flying.

fire 2.jpg

Tiny houses have been our thing for the last few years - and we will return to them in the spring, but furniture and custom cabinetry have also been our passion for even longer. We have a couple of great projects on the go at the moment, some shop fittings for a gallery in Bermuda, a couple of cool table, some children's chairs, and a bed are coming up. This sounds like a lot but the winter here is looong so if you have a smaller project in mind give us a call. Check out our other website Elsewhere Woodworks and know we'd love to talk to you about furniture, or tiny houses.

How does this relate to tiny houses you may ask. Well - if you can think of it we can build it, and in a tiny house you can go all out on those beautiful hand-crafted details and have them within arms reach. So keeping that in mind, give us a call and we can start designing a tiny house, or weekend cottage for you.

walnut vanity.jpg
play penn 1 copy 2.jpg
shamrock 1 copy.jpg
pair of side tables  - Australian Lacewood copy 2.jpg
f:l bedroom copy 2.jpg
Mango Hill bathroom vanity - Ash copy.JPG
eisenhaure kitchen copy 2 2.jpg

please share this - we are happy to ship furniture, or have people come to beautiful Nova Scotia to pick it up! Hope everyone is having a great 2018 so far - we are certainly enjoying the warmth of the wood stove!


With AF1 now safely at her permanent home and the holidays coming - we need to thank a lot of people. First, to our wonderful clients, obviously we wouldn't be here without you! We so enjoy the process, from our first meeting, listening to your wish lists, and becoming friends as the build progresses. We have had the pleasure of meeting such great people and look forward to meeting new clients in 2018.

Most of the building work is done by Jennifer and me, however we have an outstanding network of trades people who come in and work on the systems so that we can be sure everything is done just right. Many of these people work on lots of other projects and we recommend them all!

Safeguard Stoves - this family business is the best to work with - Glenn, Tammy, Jay, and Jake have provided and installed all the wood stoves we have used and we cannot recommend them more highly.

Full Moon Tiny Shelters - 0024.jpg

ASAP Electric - Stefan, Aaron, and Brad have done the wiring on most of builds and we'd be lost without them.

Green Lizard Designs - Kuno does the electrical work and builds the systems for all our off grid units. If you are considering any off grid system this is the guy to talk to!


Jodrey Plumbing and Heating - Mark, Wade, Robert and Michelle - these guys are great at working on our plumbing set ups - they always think of clever ideas and do a great job!


In addition to all these fine people we'd like to thank Linkletters Welding for providing such well built trailers that are the foundation of each tiny shelter. Everyone at Castle Building Supply in Blockhouse from whom we get the vast majority of our supplies from and have the pleasure of visiting nearly daily. Kay Ennis who takes our rough drawings and turns them into beautiful 3D designs - so helpful for clients, and us. Melanie Langille of Dis'N'Dat Upholstery who has done lots of work from awnings and odd shaped mattresses to cushions and black out blinds. Galen's propane is our go to company for all our propane stoves and on demand hot water - they are a pleasure to do business with.

This past year we worked with Robar Countertops and DHW Cabinet Doors both of whom have been great to deal with and do lovely work. Of course Doug and Robin at the Boat Locker - who helps us source those crazy things we need that only boat people will understand.

Last, but certainly not least, are Shawn, Matthew and John at Schooner Cove Marine - they have moved and delivered most of our tiny houses - one all the way to Ontario. No matter how many we do moving day is always nerve wracking, but working with people who are so good at their jobs goes a long way towards feeling semi-relaxed as we watch a tiny house sneak out the driveway.


Really last thanks to the two dogs and one cat that check our work and love helping out. They are always watching our work - keeping a sharp eye out in case we make a mistake and always alerting us to visitors.

It's amazing how many details there can be in 200 sq feet - and how many people we depend on to get it just right! Thanks to everyone for a great 2017 and we wish you all a wonderful 2018!

James and Jennifer


First - thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat at The Guy Show - over 15,000 of you! It was a fun weekend, and we certainly met lots of new tiny house enthusiasts.

Air Force 1 is getting near to completion and here's a fun challenge...

Our client wants a table and chairs for occasional use - so we came up with this couch with a hideaway place for chairs in the ends. When they want to use them they open the hinged end doors, then get the legs from the centre drawer - and voila chairs! The table comes apart, too - so it is all hidden away until they need it. Plus the whole couch is on casters so it can be moved around as needed.

Custom cushions are being made - and it was such fun to find a way to make everything fit! We love design challenges.