Of course we wish for the big stuff first - for peace, kindness, generosity, and equality to be the most common things on earth. For people to stick together, to stand up to hatred, and to be gentle with themselves and others.

As most of you know we do nearly all custom work, we build for clients' dreams, tastes, and needs. Now luckily we have had amazing clients, and we love all the tiny houses we have built. That doesn't mean we don't have things we'd love to build that no one has asked for, yet!

So in no particular order we present some things we'd love to build...

1. Anything on a goose-neck (or fifth wheel) trailer. Now these are popular in the tiny house world, it's just we haven't had one commissioned. We love the idea of no loft, and there are lots of clever design ideas for single level living. This photo is of one of Macy Miller's designs (she has kindly allowed us to use the photo). Her website is http://minimotives.com.

 2. A mobile Sauna.  We are thinking 14-16 feet, towable by a standard SUV, with the space divided to provide a sauna and a changing area. There are wood stoves made for such applications, where the firebox is accessed from the outside, and you could even design it so it could be a bunkie or office in the off-season. Of course, we don't know what the off season is for a sauna - they are great anytime!

3. A floating tiny house. A really gorgeous one - like this picture from an unknown location in Sweden. This would be so fantastic on a lake or in a cove here in Nova Scotia .

4. This cute tiny shelter... we don't know we just love this porch, the roof-line, the proportions. It's a bit more rustic than our normal style, but we just fell for it. Although it's not the most efficient use of space wouldn't it be the best place for guests, for writing, or maybe that sauna!

5. A mobile solar power station. Something towable that can act as a rack for solar panels plus contain all the batteries, charge controllers etc and maybe even a back up generator. This could be towed in anywhere to produce power either short or long term. Maybe something narrow enough that it could be stored in a shipping container or even shipped somewhere.

6. A Meditation Room. - Something we amazing woodwork, maybe tatami floors, sliding shoji screens, clever storage, and a very serene feeling. Or maybe something designed to look like the interior of a yacht with teak and holly floors and built in bunks.

Our next building slot opening is May 2017, so if any of these ideas excite you, or you have some clever designs of your own please get in touch.

Happy 2017 from Full Moon Tiny Shelters.

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