Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a Tiny House cost more per square foot that a “regular” house?
Well, basically it comes down to economy of scale and materials chosen . A tiny house needs all the same systems as a regular house, but the costs are distributed over 150 sq ft rather than 1500. Because we are building small we can build better. We can use the best materials and the highest quality craftsmanship possible. In short, we can afford NOT to compromise. 

How much does a tiny house cost?
Well the answer is. . .  that depends. At Full Moon Tiny Shelters everything we build is custom. Our basic formula is to work with the number $350 per square foot depending on the complexity of the roof-line and the systems chosen. For more details go to our pricing page.

Is it legal to live in a tiny house?
This a complicated question, as you will see. Many of the tiny shelters we build are not intended as permanent residences; they are guest rooms, vacation residences, extra spaces, studios and offices - if this is your use then they are totally legal. However as the tiny house movement gains momentum the permanent residence question comes up more and more. So far, the best answer we have found is in Ethan Waldman's e-book Tiny House Decisions. Click here if you would like to read an excerpt on the subject and here if you would like to purchase his very informative e-book.

Can tiny shelters go on the highway?
Yes, we build on road legal trailers and adhere to the maximum allowable width of 8'6" and the maximum height of 13'5". Lengths can vary more and are more of a factor of what you are able to tow and how much space you need. On occasions where a client wants more width we are able to go to 10' wide, but this requires a 'wide load' permit whenever it is moved. (This is not something you'd want to do very often.)

What size truck do I need to tow a tiny shelter?
This is directly tied to the size and weight of the shelter. For a larger model ( say 24' trailer, with full systems) one would want a 3/4 ton truck, while a smaller 16' trailer could be towed with a 1/2 ton truck. Ideally a 4wd with good suspension, remembering the more over-sized the towing vehicle the easier it will be. If you are moving just once of twice a year a local towing company can do the job and you don't need to own a truck at all.

Are there standard models?
All of our builds are custom designs, specifically geared to each clients' needs and desires. That said we do sometimes build one on spec. That means you can buy it and drive away - without having to make all those decisions! If we have one available you can see it here.

Where do you get the trailers?
Our trailers are custom built by Linkletters' Welding in Prince Edward Island.

Do you only build on trailers?
Yes, all the tiny shelters we build are attached to trailers. The only exception is floating ones, which are designed differently ( obviously!).

Are they insulated and do they have heat?
We build for the Canadian climate, hot in the summer and cold in the winter. At the very least, for a summer shelter, we recommend insulating the roof to keep it cool. For three season the walls, floor and roof are insulated and for four season we increase the insulation and add heat. The heat source can be electric (if on the grid), propane, wood or combinations thereof - it's up to you.

Do you deliver?
Tiny Houses are F.O.B. at origin. That means it is up to you to organize delivery to your site or haul it away yourself. Of course we will be happy to give you a list of our favourite movers, and depending on how far away it is going we can be hired to come and set up and level your tiny house.

How do I prepare a site for my shelter?
Depending on the size of the shelter and how often you are intending to move it there are differing requirements. Please click here for more details on site preparation.

How soon can I have one?
If we happen to have one available, then you can have one today! Otherwise, once you have a design then the building process takes 3-4 months depending on the complexity. This is the construction portion. The design portion can take a few weeks or more and we need workable drawings to begin. The trailer takes up to 5 weeks to custom build and deliver as well. The other factor is how busy we are, so get in touch and start the process in plenty of time.

Are they all solar powered?
Solar is an option that gives you more flexibility, but certainly is not a requirement. When we do a solar system we also make allowances for a direct plug in should you be in a place where that is possible. The systems are designed for each client and we are happy to to discuss your needs on this subject. We have all our electric work done by a certified electrician and our solar systems installed by a certified solar designer.

Where are they built?
In our really cool solar powered work shop just outside Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

Can we drop by to see the shop? or just come by for a chat?
We love to meet tiny house enthusiasts and talk tiny houses, but if everyone just stopped by we'd never get anything done! Please call or email if you want to see us, or come to an Open House. We will be at some farmers' markets this summer, and we will post these dates on the blog and facebook.

Can they be insured?
Yes, they are insured on a case by case basis the same as an RV or a boat.