Start the Journey

One of the first questions that people ask us is about cost.  It IS a baffling realm with lots of conflicting information out there.. As with everything on the internet and in the media you need to sort, discern, and dig deeper if you are going to get to the truly useful information. There are lots of stories about people with no experience building themselves tiny houses for $10,000. That is entirely possible ( and exciting!). If this is your path we can even offer advice. What it comes down to are the resources you have ( time, energy, and budget), and knowing how you want to spend them.

Full Moon Tiny Shelters is simply another path.

We are experienced builders and craftspeople who have worked through the many, many details required to build tiny shelters suited to the Canadian climate. If you have other things to do, we can build something beautiful, functional, and lasting for you.

The Bottom Line

A 16ft x 8ft tiny shelter on a certified trailer, intended as a guest room, office or mobile weekend getaway, starts at around $30,000. This can go up in price depending on your choice of finishes.

A 24ft x 8ft tiny shelter on a certified trailer with full systems (hot and cold running water, heating, and cooking facilities ) that you could live in, year round in Canada, starts at around $75,000.

Could we go lower? Possibly. Could we go higher? Certainly.

Choices regarding the power source, levels of insulation, heating methods and interior finishes will all be factors in determining cost. Get in touch and we can talk about all the options.

We love tiny shelters in all their myriad uses and forms - and we are always happy to have a conversation no matter what your vision.

Frequently Asked Questions - about cost and more!