Tiny houses weigh more than your average RV and require a stable parking pad. Here is a description of what we recommend.

You want to create a space that is 3 feet larger than the shelter on all side. For example if you house is 8'6" wide by 24' long then you would want a parking pad 14'6" wide by 30' long.

This pad need stability, ideally this means working down to a solid bottom with an excavator, getting rid of all the topsoil and organic debris and building up with larger pieces of shale followed by a layer of 1" gravel for drainage. All this should be level. If the tiny shelter is not level then your doors and windows may not open properly and there could be leaking.

Tie downs- All our custom trailers are made with tie down loops mounted on the underside of the trailer. While preparing the site one should locate tie down weights ( either flat steel 24"x24" with chain attached, or other large weight like an old tire) these should be under the shale base at least 3 feet deep. Not everyone wants to take these precautions but we do recommend them, and many insurance companies will require them. Especially for larger shelters that are not going to be moved often we really can't recommend tie downs strongly enough, especially if you are in an exposed or windy area.

For smaller shelters that are going to be moved often then parking on an existing driveway should be fine as long as it is stable and level.

For any time you are going to be stationary it is a good idea to sit the shelter on blocking so the wheels are raised (at least partially) off the ground. Obviously you are not gong to do this on a cross-country trip - you will use scissor jacks that are quick and easy to level and stabilize the shelter. For blocking we recommend 24" long 6"x6" or even better 8"x8" wood stacked in an alternating fashion. Hardwood wedges can be used for the final leveling although if the site is well prepared this should be minor. For units over 20' long we suggest blocking the four corners and one place along the long side so as to have 6 points blocked.

Full Moon Tiny Shelters cannot take any responsibility for issues arising from a poorly prepared site. Likewise we cannot help assist with the set-up if the site is not prepared to our satisfaction.